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Hong Kong Snake Safaris were set up in 2017 by long term resident, nature enthusiast and snake catcher for the Hong Kong Police,  William Sargent.

What do we do? 
We take small groups on night safari hikes in country parks to search out and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. A fun, educational and totally unique wildlife experience. Often overlooked, Hong Kong is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife, including 45 species of snakes and 24 species of amphibians.  

Who should join?
Anyone with a sense of adventure and an interest in local wildlife (many of our participants come to overcome their fears). Participants must be able to hike (slowly) 4-5km on country park trails (including steep inclines) with optional stream trekking sections. Minimum age 8.

On Snake Safari with the SCMP - video


The season runs from May - September Bookings open early Feb 

PUBLIC Snake Safaris availabilities
 (Sun) - full
5th (Mon) - full
8th (Thur) - full
10th (Sat) - full
13th (Tues) - full
26th (Mon) - full
27th (Tues) - 5 places
30th (Fri) - full

  PRIVATE Snake Safaris (TMS): 
VIPER HUNT Snake Safaris (HK Island/Clearwater Bay):
Please send us an enquiry with preferred dates.

**All dates/availability listings may not be up-to-date

*Approximate Time: 7.30pm-10.15pm**Location: Tai  Mo Shan Country Park.  */**Exact timings/final details will be confirmed via email.

Tour fees
Public Snake Safaris (Tai Mo Shan) :
 Size:  6-7 with one guide or 9-10 pax with two guides 
Fee: HK$680 per adult/HK$450 per child (8-12 yo). Maximum 3 children per Snake Safari. See availabilities listed.

Private Snake Safaris (Tai Mo Shan):  
Fee: HK$4,000 (one guide) for up to 6 participants (or 7 if the group includes a child) or HK$5,500 (two guides) for up to 8 participants (or 9 participants if group includes a child). The minimum recommended age is 8+. Sun-Thurs only.

Viper Hunt (Hong Kong Island/Clearwater Bay):  
This is an easier hike with less technical requirements and is a 'lighter' Snake Safari more suitable for kids. Private group booking only. Fee: HK$3,000 (one guide) for up to 7 participants.
Further details

Please email with preferred dates, number of participants (+ kids vs adults) and we will reply with details. Our Safaris book-out early.

Please message with preferred dates (see above)  private or public, and number of participants. We will reply  shortly with details.

Thank you.

We will be in touch soon.

Photos credit; Adam Francis, William Sargent,

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